Work experience

Work experience – more than 300 projects in various industries

LLC "NIPI oil and gas USTU" is one of the leading firms in the field of design and survey work. The company employs specialists of the highest class in a variety of activities. NIPI employees have already developed more than 300 projects for the construction of oil production and urban development facilities, in the field of environmental and industrial safety. The company carries out design and engineering in the field of well construction, conducts comprehensive engineering surveys.

The company's specialists develop projects for facilities under construction even in remote regions – in conditions of permafrost, almost complete lack of infrastructure, with a huge wind load. NIPI performs energy projects with a voltage of 35 and 110 kV.

For more than three years, a group of specialists (trained and certified cadastral engineers) has been working on the basis of the enterprise to carry out a full range of land management documentation, as well as in NIPI successfully develop projects for the reclamation of disturbed lands with the passage of all examinations.

LLC "NIPI oil and gas USTU" organized archaeological research with the receipt of conclusions of historical and cultural expertise. To date, more than 30 such conclusions have already been received. All projects have been examined by the bodies of the FAA "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia".

In the NIPI of oil and gas, USTU uses innovative and integrated approaches to the objects of field development in the design. One of such engineering solutions is the use of associated petroleum gas for power supply of facilities. Among them - "The arrangement of the bush of wells No. 1 of the West-Surkharatinsk structure", the use of generators with a dual-fuel system allowed the trial operation project and, accordingly, the further development of the structure to be profitable.

The largest NIPI oil and gas projects of USTU:

- projects for the construction and maintenance of winter roads with a total length of more than 250 kilometers;

- "Construction of 110 kV overhead line from the A. Titov field to the Tedinsky field";

- "Construction of exploration well No. 414 of the Vostochno-Sarutayuskoye field" (the object is located 320 km northwest of Usinsk, the vertical depth of the well is 4741.7 m, along the trunk - 5245 m, the departure from the mouth is 1802 m; drilling is carried out on the Eiffel tier of the Devonian system with abnormally high reservoir pressure);

- project documentation for the construction of operational horizontal wells No. 27 (gor), 28 (gor) at the Vostochno-Lambeyshorskoye field (with a hydrogen sulfide content of 7.59%);

- project documentation for the construction of vertical and directional production wells of bushes №№ 5056, 5077, 5019, 5014, 5023, 5017, 5015, 5022, 5061, 7489, 5003, 5008, 5021, 5057, 5055, 7387, 5029, 7382, 5060, 5059, 5020, 7469, 5058 Usinsky field;

- facilities for the development of the unique Yareg oil field (two projects have already passed Glavgosexpertiza in the head branch of the FAA "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia" in Moscow).

In total, during the project activity of LLC "NIPI oil and Gas USTU", from 2013 to December 31, 2022, 205 positive conclusions of the FAA "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia" and 84 positive conclusions of the State Environmental Expertise were received, in addition, only in 2022 26 positive conclusions of non-state expertise and 8 on industrial safety were received.

№ п/п Наименование видов работ Кол-во объектов
  с 2013 г. по 31.12.2022 г.  
1 ПИР на обустройство нефтяных месторождений 264
2 ПИР на техническое перевооружение нефтяных месторождений 135
3 ПИР по линейным сооружениям 205
4 Осуществление авторского надзора на объектах строительства 170
5 Землеустроительные работы 630
6 Декларации промышленной безопасности 128
7 Археологические изыскания (строительство и обустройство) 117
8 ПИР на строительство скважин 196
9 ПИР на зарезку боковых стволов 179
10 ПИР на капитальный ремонт скважин 11